When it comes to carpet, no other flooring product can match its warmth, sound absorption, and comfort. Carpet comes in many different colors, textures, fibers, and prices. Talk to one of our flooring professionals to determine which carpet fits your needs.

+Wide range of Colors and Textures

+Noise Reduction Throughout the House

+ Soft Cushioned Step


Hardwood flooring is timeless. A hardwood floor done right will last the homeowner a lifetime. With millions of manufacturers and floor stores, it’s tough to know a deal from a scam, and a good quality floor to its opposite. Since we want to be around for years to come, we don’t want to sell you a product that you don’t need, or that is going to fall apart over time

+Ability to refinish

+Wide variety of Stains and Finishes

+ Will never be “Out of Style”


The same great look of a hardwood or tile floor with warmth and lower costs. After getting a bad rap with the old felt backed vinyl, the new fiber floor vinyl is making a big comeback. Enhanced durability, easy maintenance, and the beauty of a high priced floor are once again an option.

+Aesthetic Capabilities of Wood and Tile

+Luxury Vinyl Plank will not swell when exposed to water

+ Easy to clean and Maintain


When done correctly, tile is extremely durable and lasts forever. Many “handy men” or “do it yourselfers” think tile is easy. Sure, you could handle a small bathroom. But without the right subfloor, setting materials, or tile, your tile job will no doubt have to be replaced in as little as a year. Leave a lasting impression and a tile floor that will last forever – browse our selection and make your tile dreams a reality.

+Water Resistant

+Wide variety of Aesthetic Capability

+ Easy to Clean and Maintain 

+Heating Capabilities